The laboratory offers hands-on research experiences for both undergraduates and graduate students. Students with diverse backgrounds are trained to work effectively in an interdisciplinary team, communicate ideas across disciplines, and embrace different ways of approaching the same problem. Lately we have collaborated with students and researchers at different universities. Students trained at the University of Hawaii are listed below.   


Summer 2018


  • Benjamin Weiss (Physics)
  • Julian Hachmeister (Mathematics)
  • Rintaro Hayashi (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Irvin Chang (Mathematics)

Former Members

  • Vincent Chung (Mathematics)
  • Anya Wu (Mathematics)
  • Don Krasky (Mathematics)
  • Kacie Niimoto (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Kyleigh Kuball (Biology)
  • Soyoun Joo (Mathematics)
  • Christopher Eblen (Mathematics)
  • Amandin Chyba Rabeendran (High School)
  • Joshua Tomiyama (Mathematics)
  • Frederic Zittoun (Visitor from University of Toulon)
  • David DeVine (Mathematics)
  • Toshiya Ishikawa (Visitor from Chuo University)
  • Atsuyoshi Muta (Visitor from Chiba University)
  • Aaron Tamura-Sato (Mathematics)
  • Steven Brelsford (Mathematics)
  • Reika Arata (Mathematics/Physics)
  • Dasom Joo (Microbiology)
  • Nathan Kanekuni (Computer Science)
  • Kayleigh Nowak (Mathematics/Engineering)
  • Heath Larner (Engineering)
  • Stuart Kaneshiro (Engineering)
  • Caralyn King (Engineering)
  • Leanne King (Engineering)
  • Kenton Eliot (Mathematics/Engineering)
  • Daniel Bishton (Geophysics)

Summer 2017


Summer 2016


Fall 2014